instagrat, LLC Acquires My Deal Grabber | mobile coupons


instagrat, LLC  has acquired My Deal Grabber, a mobile marketing application focusing on small to medium business with augmented reality specials and rewards programs.   The partnership announced in May will allow instagrat, LLC to grow its brand to fully service business in mobile and localized marketing.  A re-work of the instagrat app is underway and will be re-branded as MyDealGrabber.  It is expected to be released in the early fall of 2017 in the Apple and Google Play App Stores.   instagrat, LLC is also working on other augmented reality apps including gaming and educational apps.  Company founder Scott Martin said “instagrat is growing to be able to become a full-service marketing agency and application development company geared toward local businesses.  Our mission has always been to focus on the local markets in East Texas, but with the partnership with MyDealGrabber, we will be able to expand into more markets.”  Martin also said that the company is seeking their first round of outside investment.  The company has been self-funded since its inception in 2009.  For more information contact instagrat, LLC at

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